Coastwatch Scotland has a first aid instructor as part of our team. Regulated by Nuco Training we can provide community groups or organisations with a number of regulated first aid courses that are recognised by the SCQF, Ofqual. We can also offer group talks and CPR/AED demo nights this does not give you any qualifications. If a first aid training course is something you or an organisation is interested in, please get in touch.

Course days can be spread over a set period to suit organisation - Ask for details

Please ask for current prices of each course as they change due to increase in Admin/Book charges

Mini Medics

Mini Medics is a course for young people aged 8 years plus to teach them the basics of helping someone who is injured and performing CPR, Recovery Position and Safe use of an AED as well as communication with the Emergency Services. Ask for more details about this course as well as Mini Medics Mental Health

All prices include course registration, admin and certification fees but do not include the cost of a training venue if you are unable to provide one yourself. Please enquire about course costs as all differ in price and content, Couse Information sheets are available for each course we can offer.

Please note our maximum training group size is 12 persons per course (16 for some) this is in order to maintain good communication and effective training and confirmation of understanding.

The Trainer/Assessor has full enhanced Disclosure and PVG and is certified by NUCO Training as an Instructor for all the courses above as well as being certified by the SQA and Ofqual as an assessor, with a qualification in Teaching and Education and IQA of Assessment Process and Teaching Practice.

For more information

Please email info@coastwatchscotland.com or fill in the format the bottom of this page we will try to get back to you within 48hrs of receiving your enquiry


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