Irvine Unit

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We organise visits to various emergency services - Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, HMCG, RNLI.  We also arrange visits and presentations from other organisations and give presentations on our group to many groups in the Ayrshire area.

Our Volunteers man the Watch Room, patrol the Beaches and Harbourside and this keeps the area secure.  Locals and visitors can feel safer knowing there are qualified Coastwatch Volunteers watching over them and available to assist when they most need someone.  They are trained to administer First Aid, give advice on safety on or near water, tides, currents, navigation in and out of Irvine Harbour and watch over wildlife.

Irvine Coastwatch are looking for volunteers to help us keep the Irvine coastline safe.  Coastwatch is run entirely by volunteers who have an interest in, and concern for, the safety of life at sea and on the coast.  Our volunteers give up a few hours each week maintaining a visual watch on coastal waters and beaches, harbours and keeping a listening watch on the international distress frequency (channel 16 VHF) in support of search and rescue operations.  Basic first aid is also taught and our First Aid room is well stocked to be able to deal with minor injuries. 

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Volunteers provide a vital link with all the emergency services and can provide an emergency contact point on land for both sea and shore users

Volunteers can be trained to RYA qualifications in Radio, First Aid, Diesel Engines, Powerboat level 1 and 2, Safety Boat and radar.


Irvine Beach from the Dragon.